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With meticulous design from years of experience, to bring you the ultimate home-from-home experience, we’re sure that what we can offer is beyond expectations with every garden room being fully-insulated, soundproofed and acting as an extension to your home but down in the garden.

We hope that we have covered everything throughout our website but some common questions we get asked can be found below:




Can I use my Garden Room all year round? Certainly, each of our Garden Rooms is thoroughly insulated to the highest standards. They are equipped with exceptionally efficient SMART heating panels as a standard feature. In numerous instances, these rooms provide a warmer environment compared to your home.

Does it come fully wired? Certainly, our Garden Rooms are pre-wired and include a minimum of three flush-fit electrical and ethernet sockets, along with a domestic fuse box. If you desire modifications, such as additional sockets, our project manager will gladly engage in discussions about any plans you may have before the installation process.

Can I fix items to the walls? Certainly, you have the capability to hang shelves, pictures, etc., just as you would with a typical stud wall in your house.

Can I paint the interior? Certainly, all our rooms receive a complete plaster finish akin to your home, allowing you to decorate them according to your preferences. We deliver them fully decorated and painted in a matte white finish.

Can I get plumbing to my Garden Room? Certainly, it is possible. Before installation, it is advisable to contact a plumber to ensure everything is in order. For additional details on installing a kitchenette or toilet in your Garden Room, please reach out to us.

Can we have a larger decking area? Certainly, we can offer expanded decking areas. Feel free to inquire with one of our team members for more information. Certainly, we can offer expanded decking areas. Feel free to inquire with one of our team members for more information.

Do you offer bespoke sized Garden Rooms? Certainly, in addition to our standard range, we have the capability to construct virtually anything you desire. Feel free to reach out to us for more information.

Can I use my Garden Room as an extension? Certainly, our Garden Rooms are not intended to function as extensions; rather, they are standalone rooms positioned separately from and not physically connected to your property.


Do I require planning permission? The advantage of a Garden Room lies in its exemption from requiring planning permission. We meticulously design our products to comply with all regulations. While there may be exceptions, such as in the case of a listed property, your dedicated project manager will assist you in addressing any planning requirements that may arise.

How close can I get to my boundary? Typically, we ask for a 50cm clearance from each boundary, serving as a useful service gap; however, exceptions may apply. For more details, please feel free to inquire.


How quickly can I get a survey? The timing for surveys is typically arranged within a week of your initial enquiry, depending on your location.

Do I need to be present when you do the survey? Typically, we ask for a 50cm clearance from each boundary, serving as a useful service gap; however, exceptions may apply. For more details, please feel free to inquire.

How long will the site survey take? We will schedule a one-hour slot for your survey day. Typically, the survey itself lasts 30 to 45 minutes, but we allocate up to an hour to ensure a thorough examination. Following the survey, you can expect to receive a quote within 24 hours of our visit.


What is included in the price? There are no concealed additional costs; the prices featured on our website encompass everything you might desire as standard. This includes double glazing, soundproofing, infrared heating panels, full cladding, and various other features. Following installation, your room is fully equipped and ready for your chosen purpose.

Does the price include any groundwork? Our prices are inclusive of installation, encompassing foundations. Prior to installation, we only request the removal of any debris. If additional groundwork is deemed necessary, this will be communicated during your site survey, and we can furnish you with a quote upon request.

Where are your Garden Spaces manufactured? All our Garden Spaces are manufactured in the UK.


Can I use my Garden Space as a gym? Certainly, our Garden Spaces are constructed using exclusively premium, robust flooring materials that possess the strength to withstand the load of substantial gym equipment, including cross-trainers, bikes, benches, and weight racks.

Can I use it as a Salon? You have the option to utilise your garden room as a personal beauty salon or hairdressing space. If plumbing is needed, please feel free to inquire for more details.


How do I maintain my home office? Your structure should require no maintenance unless you choose to apply oil to your timber cladding. While not necessary, this is a matter of personal preference and can aid in preventing oxidation, which naturally turns the timber a silvery grey. If you decide to proceed, we recommend using a UV protective oil.

Does my Garden Spaces come with a guarantee? We offer a 7-year guarantee as standard on all our Garden Spaces.


How long will it take to build? The build is dependant on your specification but they normally take 4 weeks to build.

How much will it cost to wire my Garden Space up to the house fuse box? We provide a comprehensive electrical connection service from your house to your Garden Space, with costs ranging from £600 to £1,000. This detail will be clarified during your site survey. However, you have the option to engage your preferred electrician for this purpose if you prefer.

We have our in-house Architects who will spend as much time necessary to help you to design your dream space exactly to your specific requirements. Our Architects works very closely with our Planning specialists and over 90% of all applications are successful. If you're looking to use your space as funtional living area or you're looking to RENT your space to provide an additional rental income, we will normally advise you to submit a simple planning application. Using our specialist team of Architects/ Planners this process will take approximately 6 weeks to finalise.. By getting the planning done at this stage will automatically increase the Value of your property significantly by 10 to 15%.

Do you use contractors? Our dedicated in-house installation team handles the installation of all our Garden Spaces.

What is the deposit to reserve my Garden Space installation date? The deposit required is 10% but this can vary depending on the type of project.

Can I fix items to the walls? Certainly, you have the capability to hang shelves, pictures, etc., just as you would with a typical stud wall in your house.

Can I build the Garden Spaces myself? The cost displayed on our website is the inclusive delivered cost, covering installation. While we generally prefer to handle the installation for a seamless build process, we understand that each project is unique, and you may opt to assemble it yourself. This is a possibility we can accommodate if you discuss it with your project manager from the beginning.

How do you build on an uneven garden? The need to level your garden may arise, and our expert team will assess and confirm this. Typically, the ground screws we employ for foundations can level an uneven garden, and this is factored into our quote. However, if a physical levelling of the surface is necessary for any reason, our expert team will provide confirmation after the survey.

Do I need concrete foundations? No, we opt for ground screws, a contemporary, efficient, clean, and environmentally friendly substitute for a conventional concrete base. These screws are suitable for the majority of surfaces, can be installed throughout the year in all weather conditions, and are encompassed in the overall price.

Can I do my own groundwork? The initial survey will provide a clear understanding of the tasks required prior to installation. In most instances, our installation team can manage the preparatory groundwork as an integral part of the installation process. If any additional tasks are necessary, your project manager will collaborate with you to streamline the process and make it as convenient as possible.

Where do you deliver to? Our experienced installation teams cover the whole of the UK.

Can a partition wall be added internally? We have the capability to incorporate partition walls into any of our Garden Rooms, thereby creating additional space. The cost may vary depending on the room and its size, but a comprehensive quote can be provided as part of our design consultation.

How do I get Internet? Based on the specific location, it is probable that you will require a booster, hub, or ethernet cable. For additional information, please feel free to inquire.

Can I take my Garden Space with me if I move? Our Liv Spaces are constructed using modular panels and are situated on ground screws, providing the flexibility to relocate them to a new site. If you are contemplating moving house and wish to take your Garden Room with you, it is advisable to consult our team at the earliest opportunity.

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