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We have a range of rooms we can configure your Liv Space to!

LIV SPACE U has all the answers!

Garden rooms are fast becoming one of the most current and popular trends when it comes to home improvement projects.


Not only do they increase the value of your property but they are also the perfect solution for extra living space, such as a Home Office, Garden Gym or even an additional room.


With Garden rooms being the cheapest option to extend your home you don't need to worry about building regulations or planning permission. 90% of planning permission is not necessary because our design is constructed to meet all necessary regulations. 


There will be occasions were planning permission is needed such as the combination of a Granny annexe or if your property is built on conservation land.  We take all the stress out of this for you so you can spend time choosing the interior and leave all the paperwork for planning to our team. So however you choose to use your desired space contact us now for a free no obligation survey and see how we can assist you.

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Garden Office
Helping you to create your own perfect Garden Office

Why choose a garden office? Since Covid back in 2020 businesses have been able to adapt to the idea of home/hybrid working permanently. Garden Office provides the perfect work life balance solution whilst creating extra space at home. However many of us are still working from the dinning table, cramped desk, balancing laptop on knees, coffee shop etc.. A short term fix. Why not invest in something more permanent. All ranges come fully insulated so they can be used all year round without the worry of getting cold in the winter months. No worries or stress about having weak WiFi signal all rooms come fitted with aproved high speed ethernet ports.

Garden Gym

Why choose a garden gym? Training at home as never bèen easier thanks to our garden rooms that can easily be used as a Gym giving you the flexibility to train when it suits you. To ensure your Garden rooms are perfect as a Gym they are built with reinforced solid SiPS flooring to ensure that they are strong enough for all measures of equipment whether it is a weight bench or rowing machine. Our garden rooms are available in a vast array of sizes ensuring that we can accommodate for all your needs.

Garden Bar

Why choose a garden bar? If you're an entertainer then maybe a Garden bar is for you entertainment space for family and friends. - No need to have any more parties inside your home. - Add a sofa bed for friends ro stay after drinks. - Invite friends over for all sporting events to your own sports bar Things that are a must: -New bar sign -Comfortable stools -Beer kegs -65" TV

Garden Salon

Why choose a garden salon? - Have your chair rent free - Whether your Hairdresser, barber or beautician - No need to rent expensive chair - Generate lots of profits for your salon with low overheads - Rent out a chair to make extra profit (Easy parking for your clients - Our garden rooms are a great way to bring the idea of you own hair and beauty salon to life. They are warm stylish and you can finish them how you like. So be your own boss in your own home salon and enjoy the benefits of large profits with minimum expenses and no more commuting.

Double Glazing

No matter what options you choose for your windows and doors, whether that be sliding or bi-fold, we ensure they are all of high-quality, making them both thermally and acoustically efficient.

​​Fully Insulated

It’s not nice being cold (or too hot) so we only use 100mm of market-leading solid insulation.

This give you incredible efficient U values.


Hyperion Cladding is engineered from an innovative composition of up to 60% FSC*
certified wood reclaimed from post-industrial manufacturing and 30% recycled



It's becoming a popular trend for lighting brands to have their own versions of fixed,
adjustable and low glare downlights in their range.


Your final order form will also include floor, electrics, site and boundary plans as
well as fenestration photos further ensuring that what our fantastic build teams will
deliver is what has been agreed upon.

Framed Construction

Traditional timber framing offers design flexibility.

Complies with planning permission rules (2.5m max height).

Garden rooms blend with the landscape, integrate with the garden.

Ground Screw System

Quick installation, often in one day.

Ideal for sloping sites, minimizes environmental impact.

Can be used with existing concrete or patios.

Alternative foundation systems available for various conditions.

Free Onsite Consultation

Book a free onsite consultation with your personal designer.

Ensure continuity from initial contact to project delivery.

Discuss project viability and measure the site.

Receive a detailed quotation within 48 hours.

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