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Free Onsite Consultaion

Following the initial contact, and further review of the initial viability, design and costs with your personal designer, you can book a free onsite consultation with the same designer at a time convenient to you.

We are very keen to provide continuity throughout the process, so we strive to ensure the same designer is part of your project from initial contact through to the delivery of your building.

It is at this stage that you can further discuss the viability of each part of your project with your designer. This also provides an opportunity for us to measure the site and ensure that we cost projects accurately and ensure our drive to provide accurate and transparent information is continued.

Following the onsite consultation, your Liv Space designer will aim to provide a detailed quotation within 48 hours of the consultation. This will offer the benefit of our experience – including considered extras and upgrades which would have been suggested and discussed on site during your consultation.

Our order forms are industry leading providing very clear and detailed information about the items included in the projects as well as carefully selected and discussed potential upgrades which will help enhance your final experience in your Liv Space garden room. Our order forms have been created with you in mind to ensure that you are absolutely confident about the project.

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