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The Granny Annex 

Our home annexes provide a permanent and comfortable living solution, offering both privacy and independence. They are suitable for various family members, not just the elderly, such as those with disabilities, additional needs, divorcing parents with children, or independent teenagers.

A garden annex will add value to your home, and with our annexes designed to last a lifetime, it could prove to be the perfect long-term investment.

We know from personal experience how difficult things can become when a life changing event occurs. Therefore, a Granny Annexe in the garden may be the answer. It was for us!

Our team helps create a valuable garden annexe for older or younger
relatives in your garden.

It adds 5-15% to property value, offering a return on investment.

We secure planning permissions within about 8 weeks, typically through a householder planning application. If needed, we can also pursue a Caravan Act application for success.

How does an annexe affect council tax?

An annexe will be exempt (which means you don't have to pay Council Tax) if it is separately banded for Council Tax but forms part of another property and a dependant relative is living in it as their main or only home.


  • Foundations

  • Ground screws

  • Double Glazed Sliding or Bi - Fold Door

  • Fully Insulated Floor, Roof and Walls

  • WIFI extension run from main house.

  • Partitioned Walls

  • Internal Fire Proof Cement Board

  • Outside External Steel covering to Side and Rear.

  • Seperate Fuse Board

  • Led Ceiling lights.

  •  Flush fitted chrome wall Plugs and Light Switches

  • Internal walls painted white

  • Plaster, Skim finish to Wall and ceilings.

  • Air Conditioning unit

  • Choice of Woodgrain, Laminate flooring/ Carpets or Lino.

  • External Guttering 

  • Exterior Wall Cladding choice of several colours.


  • Exterior Lighting  (three designs to choose from)

  • Underfloor Heating with Thermostate

  • Mood Coloured Lighting Floor or Ceilng

  • Side Windows or Fixed pains

  • Water and Waste Facilities.

Double Glazing

No matter what options you choose for your windows and doors, whether that be sliding or bi-fold, we ensure they are all of high-quality, making them both thermally and acoustically efficient.

​​Fully Insulated

It’s not nice being cold (or too hot) so we only use 100mm of market-leading solid insulation.

This give you incredible efficient U values.


Hyperion Cladding is engineered from an innovative composition of up to 60% FSC*
certified wood reclaimed from post-industrial manufacturing and 30% recycled



It's becoming a popular trend for lighting brands to have their own versions of fixed,
adjustable and low glare downlights in their range.


Your final order form will also include floor, electrics, site and boundary plans as
well as fenestration photos further ensuring that what our fantastic build teams will
deliver is what has been agreed upon.

Framed Construction

Traditional timber framing offers design flexibility.

Complies with planning permission rules (2.5m max height).

Garden rooms blend with the landscape, integrate with the garden.

Ground Screw System

Quick installation, often in one day.

Ideal for sloping sites, minimizes environmental impact.

Can be used with existing concrete or patios.

Alternative foundation systems available for various conditions.

Free Onsite Consultation

Book a free onsite consultation with your personal designer.

Ensure continuity from initial contact to project delivery.

Discuss project viability and measure the site.

Receive a detailed quotation within 48 hours.

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